Angels Landing Zion

3 Stunning Photo Hotspots in Zion Park

Zion National Park is ripe for photographing. With peaks and canyons as far as the eye can see, people travel from all over the world to see the majesty of the park. We see tons of Zion National Park photos each and everyday and tend to see a recurring theme to where these shots are being taken.

Below we will cover how to set up for the right shot (thanks to PhotographyMad for the tips), and then we will cover some of the most popular locations in Zion.

1. Choose a Meaningful Place:

Photography carries a lot of emotion with it. Choosing a place that is meaningful to you will surely add an element of beauty to what you are trying to capture.

2. Use Natures Lighting:

This will come easier being as you are already out in nature and not in a studio, but picking the right lighting will be a bit trickier. The ideal time of day would be sunset or sunrise, as it creates longer interesting shadows and direct light on the landscape.  Colors tend to be richer and warmer during these hours and you might be lucky enough to catch a colorful skyscape to compliment the landscape.

3. Set Up Near Shelter:

This tip is geared more toward those who are setting up for the long haul rather than a quick Instagram snap, but important nonetheless. When you are dealing with nature, you never know what to expect. Being near a bridge, building, or wall will give you an escape route at quick notice. Otherwise it might be fun to endure some of the natural elements that will add a variety of emotion to the photo.

4. Choose Somewhere Quiet:

Finding a quiet, secluded location is not as difficult as it might seem. Especially in the wilderness! If you must shoot in the city, get off the beaten track – by moving just a few hundred yards away you can usually find a spot where you and your subject can set up undisturbed.

5. Don’t Let People Distract:

Zion National Park gets over 3 million visitors per year, so people are going to be a part of what you experience in the park. Unless you are set up deep in the wilderness and alone, plan on embracing the activity and adventure around you. Find someone doing something you love like rock climbing or horseback riding and get the shot of a lifetime!


Now that you are a pro at setting up in the right spot, lets go find some of the amazing scenery around Zion! We have identified 3 amazing locations for taking the perfect photograph. Where will you try first? Share your photos with us on social media and use the hashtag #ThereIsAPlace.


1. ‘Scout Overlook’ – Angels Landing-

This is the section of the Angels Landing  hike where you start holding on to chains and making rugged ascents and descents. A few lonely trees, some raw emotion, and the canyon in the distance will allow you to set up for the ultimate shot. Whether the emotion captured induces awe inspiring beauty or a bit of fear, it is sure to be an amazing picture that everyone would love to see!

Scout Overlook - Angels Landing

Taken looking from the edge of Scout Overlook heading up to the peak of Angels Landing!

 2. The Subway

The Subway is one of the most popular locations for photography in the park! The bright red rock, green lush plant life, and flowing water makes the perfect combination for an amazing photo.

The Subway in Zion

A Hiker makes the bend in The Subway at Zion National Park

 3. The Virgin River – Zion Canyon

Flowing through the middle of Zion Canyon, The Virgin River brings an element of lush green beauty to the desert of southern Utah and Zion National Park. Add a river or creek to your pictures for an element of life and beauty.


Zion Canyon

Families walk across the Virgin River in Zion

What are your favorite spots to photograph? Share your photos with us on social media and use the hashtag #ThereIsAPlace.