Zion Adventure Company

We took a trip up to Zion National Park today to visit our friends at the Zion Adventure Company. The drive through Virgin and Rockville was absolutely breathtaking with the colorful fall leaves against the vast red rock canyon walls in the distance. There were a few spots along the Virgin river that were literally breathtaking as you came around the corner and saw a glistening river with shiny lights glimmering from the bright yellow golden leaves.
We made it up to the headquarters for Zion Adventure Co. about 9:30 am and they were already hopping with business. Tourists and locals talking about which canyons were best to visit, how to visit them and what gear would be best to use. At first I was skeptical. Sure they know the canyon but I am not much of an “Adventure Guide” sort of guy. Typically I would just grab what gear I thought I might need and just go wing it. After listening for about 5 minutes, I was converted! These guys sure know their stuff…

ZAC Headquarters

Shortly a young gentleman named Zac approached us and was immediately a fountain of knowledge and very pleasant to talk to. We piled into the burly green van (Think the A-Team!) with license plates that read: “ZacTeam” and we were on our way.







Zion Adventure Co. VanGrafton Home2

The Scenic/Adventure tour took us through the small ghost town of Grafton, with some back roads and more interesting facts and stories. We slowly climbed a steep windy dirt road up ‘Smithsonian Butte’ to the mesa where we got out to take pictures and check out the amazing views.  Zac told us an amusing story about the Mt. Kinesava.

‘Kinesava’ known as the “Trickster God” was neither good or bad. He played the neutral role as a prankster. So if he shoved a rock on you from above it would play out as it did and he would laugh.  The Paiute tribe wouldn’t go much further into the canyon than the mount we stood on. Mt Kinesava

After the tour – a highly recommended tour – we stopped by Oscars for lunch where we ate ourselves silly. The slogan- “Hungry? Don’t blame Oscars.” took on a whole new meaning as I rolled myself out the door and back to the car.
One last 30 minute drive back to St. George filled with stunning autumn trees and we were home.

Zion National Park din’t disappoint, and Zion Adventure Company was the highlight of the trip. Thanks Zac and crew!