That Should Be ME!

Scratch That Itch
We’ve all been there. You’ve seen image after image of someone else living wild and free, having their great outdoor adventures and making it look sublime. You begin romanticizing the idea of adventure and being in the wild to yourself. Before you realize what has happened, you are in full adventure-envy mode. Impractical moments of your day begin to fill up with daydreams of what you could be doing outside right now.

For the love of sharing
Get out there! Explore and experience! Burn down some trails and give into that urge to see a new horizon as the day closes out in a brilliant orange and red explosion. There’s really only one way to satisfy that itch—you need a big ol’ back scratcher!

Instead of sulking in adventure-envy, why not start to cause a little! Fill up your friends’ Instagram feed with picturesque shots of you in a hammock overlooking Pine Valley Mountain or upload a slomo Vine of yourself splashing down the Narrows in Zion.

If you’re hitting a roadblock of what next to explore then today is your lucky day—we have just what you need! Try out the app Yonder for inspiration on new adventures. It’s a socially fueled list of things to do in the wild right in your own backyard. If you love to track yourself and the places you have gone and explored, then MapMyHike might be the right app for you to really dig into the numbers of your adventure.

Variety is the Spice of Life—Spice things Up!
We live in such a beautifully diverse country it would be a shame to focus on just one small corner of it. Some truly rich experiences wait for you in new adventures. If you have always been a road cyclist, try some of mountain biking. We hear time and time again how life changing the trails in Gooseberry Mesa can be! Do you love canyoneering and rappelling? Try rock climbing; you’re only a couple steps away from it.

Whatever adventure you choose next, just keep sharing and inspiring others to love the natural world we have and to take care of it. Many of you will one day want to share these adventures with your children, and for some of you, that day is today. There is always more to explore and experience, so get out there!

Also, don’t forget to follow us on our social channels! Had to add that shameless little plug in for all the hard work our team puts into sharing fantastic photos of the area.