3 Reasons to See Beauty and the Beast at Tuacahn

Tuacahn recreates Beauty and the Beast, a heartwarming story of inner beauty and understanding, with skill and passion. Its story is familiar to most of us by now, “a tale as old as time.”

Because the story is so familiar, you may find yourself asking, “Why should I even bother seeing it at Tuacahn?” So we’ve put together a few reasons why you should.

The Cast
A strong cast of players have been assembled to bring to life this loving story. The story is told with heart, humor and humility. When leading players fully embrace their role and character, it shows—and that is the case with Tuacahn’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast. The actors are believable, and with a live production, that makes for a special experience.

Creativity Sparks Your Imagination
It’s no surprise to hear that the play does not take place at an actual french village or a secluded castle. That’s the beauty of an outdoor theatre, though—the chance to be swept along so effectively in a story that your imagination does the work of making the situation seem authentic and real. This is helped by smartly crafted set pieces and accurate costumes as well.

Subtle Little Additions
It’s the same story, the same songs, and generally the same lines, but they way it’s delivered is unique to this production. You see things in a new way and find enjoyment in places previously not known. Whether it’s the sarcasm in Belle’s voice or the way Gaston flexes randomly, it’s infectious to hear the laughter of children and adults alike at these small nuances that come through on the Tuacahn stage.

There are more reasons than just these three to see Beauty and the Beast at Tuacahn. The most compelling reason, though, is that it’s a high quality show that both grown ups and children will fall in love with all over again. Tuacahn has captured the magic of the story and brought it to life in a big way. Come see for yourself before it’s gone. For more information and tickets, click here.