The Coming Pro Watercross Event


Pro Watercross

It’s difficult to appreciate a sport you don’t understand. The same goes for a sport you have never actually participated in. But when an awesome opportunity like Pro Watercross comes to town, you don’t want to miss the action. Here’s a quick breakdown of the upcoming Pro Watercross event at Sand Hollow and a few reasons to show up and enjoy it.

Skills of the Pros
The physics alone are hard to wrap your mind around. How can you get up to speeds of 90 mph on a jet ski?  Or do 15 foot back flips and 360 spins through the air? The simple answer is a very specialized piece of equipment and tons of practice. But beyond that, it comes down to a love for the sport and the passion to take it to a new level.

Styles of Competition
The freestyle competition is the easier of the two competition styles to appreciate. Flips, spins and huge air just seem to translate better to the average person. When you see a perfectly landed back flip on a jet ski, the automatic reaction is “Wow, that was amazing!” The subtleties of racing aren’t as in-your-face. However, racing is a lot of fun to watch. The intricate course laid out with buoys makes for challenging passing and fast-paced action as hungry racers really open up their boats on straightaways.

Stars and Pros
Something to admire about this sport is how down to earth the superstars are. People in St. George have experienced this same type of attitude while meeting the big names in the IRONMAN world for the last couple of years. That’s just how it is with Pro Watercross stars. They are so relaxed and don’t take themselves too seriously, almost to the point that you might wonder if they know just how incredibly talented they are.

Setting for This Event
What kind of environment can you expect for one of these events? It’s a no brainer that these events always take place at bodies of water, but quality sand is highly recommended, but not so much for the actual sport as for the viewer’s enjoyment. Sand Hollow really delivers on the quality of venue. There will be no shortage of sun, sand and beautiful scenery. It really comes with its own special atmosphere. There are usually fund things going on the beach as well as the races and free style competitions. It honestly brings something for everyone.

On June 26th-28th,  the St. George Area will be lucky enough to host the fourth stop on the Pro Watercross tour, and it’s going to be a guaranteed good time. Try something new this summer—try Watercross!