Services to resume at Utah’s national parks despite government shutdown

Cara MacDonald /

Rep. Rob Bishop delivered a letter earlier this week to the acting Secretary of the Interior requesting they take “emergency measures to resume operations” at National Parks in Utah.

Acting Secretary David Bernhardt approved the request Sunday morning, stating that services will resume to national parks within a few days.

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St. George pledges money to keep Zion open during persistent shutdown

Joseph Witham / St. George News

As a partial shutdown of the federal government continues well into its second week, local officials are working to keep Zion National Park open for at least another week.

As many federally managed parks have been forced to close their boundaries to all visitors, Zion has remained partially operational thanks to funding from the state of Utah and the Zion Forever Project. However, that funding runs out Saturday.

Assuming the shutdown continues past Saturday, St. George Mayor Jon Pike announced Thursday that plans are in place to keep the park partially operational for an additional week — until Jan. 12.

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