St. George Aviation Museum


July Solo Show Featuring Artist AAron Campbell

Because of its history, longevity, and endless range of effects, Aaron’s traditional artistic exercise of choice is oil painting. For over 30 years, Aaron’s life has revolved around many mediums of visual and interactive arts, but he always makes time for oil paints. With no plans to stop using his artistic ability, he is driven to work and travel while studying and mastering not only traditional arts but digital arts and engineering.

Aaron is an Artist and an Engineer. With the ability to give anything just the right detail and make things work, his career includes modeling and simulation, online software, and 3D printing with Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders, and governments. Aaron’s creativity and knowledge of physics and computer graphics echo in his paintings with amazing sensations of movement, feelings of depth, well-defined composition, and complex colors. Many artists prefer a style or signature look; Aaron does not. If asked why not, he would offer you a long, passionate testimony summed up as “A creativity mind is as infinite as the universe.”