Instameet at Joshua Tree

Hidden Gem: Red Cliffs Recreation Area

It’s no secret that there is an amazing National Park in southern Utah. However, it’s not the only awesome place to experience down here, and Red Cliff Recreation Area is one you probably haven’t heard of. It’s a hidden gem that has all the charms of Zion in a smaller package.

Hidden Gem Turtle Wall

Many times, the build up to an adventure is half the fun—but not always. Sometimes I just want to walk out my front door and have the adventure waiting for me like a loyal dog. Not a lot of fuss, planning or travel time. Just a simple, straight forward chance to explore and meditate on your day. For those reasons, Turtle Wall is a gem of a hike.

Snow Canyon Secrets: Petroglyphs

As far as I’m concerned, Snow Canyon State Park is the little brother to Zion National Park. It’s an amazing place that is widely overlooked thanks to its impressive sibling. This secret of Snow Canyon will balance the scales a little between there sibling rivalry.

Hidden Gem: Babylon Arch

There’s something about unusually rock formations that unlocks my childlike wonder, so living in St. George, Utah, is like having a giant playground at my fingertips!