Trail Prom

St. George Trail Prom will be a community event celebrating bikes, our trails, and our community.
We’ll start with a free, easy, no-drop community bike ride where everyone of all abilities will be welcome. This will be followed by a formal dance party held at the very Snake Hollow Bike Park.
Everyone will be encouraged to dress in their best formal attire!

A large, colorful celebration of the joy and the beauty of bicycling!

Zombie Rampage Spring Break Paintball Hunt

The Zombie Rampage returns to southern Utah for a Spring Break Zombie Paintball Hunt! Climb on board the 14′ tall Zombie Rampage Monster Bus and hunt REAL blood thirsty zombies with paintball guns in the Staheli Family Farm Hot Zone!! This is the BIGGEST Zombie Hunt attraction in the world, and the one that everybody is still talking about from last October! We need YOUR help saving southern Utah from the Zombie infestation!

Open for select dates: March 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16
Times: 6pm-10pm on Weekdays, 6pm-11pm on Weekends
Location: Staheli Family Farm Hot Zone, 3400 S Washington Fields Rd., Washington, UT

DISCOUNTED $20 tickets are available online at! You can pick your day and time slot so no long waits!

Children under 5 not permitted, kids age 5-12 permitted with paid admission along with adult paid admission.


For more information, visit  , or email! ENJOY YOUR SLAY!!!!!