St. George Art Festival


3hattrio Performs American Desert Music…Beautifully, Savagely

3hattrio plays gorgeous original music inspired by the natural world of their sacred homeland of Virgin Utah, near Zion Park. Hal Cannon plays banjo and guitar; Greg Istock plays acoustic bass and percussion while Eli Wrankle plays violin.

Music critics describe 3hattrio’s sound as compelling, hypnotizing, and fascinatingly original. The group seeks to capture the spirit of the west in music, inspired by the majesty of the landscape and the people who’ve made a life there.

Their genre is “American desert music,” a simple idea for a complex sound. 3hattrio mix the routine with the unusual, fusing American folk music with outsider elements like autotune, psychedelia, and minimalism. It’s a wildly unusual sound…the product of three very different musicians coming together to form something new and awe-inspiring.

Cannon, Istock and Wrankle’s rich backgrounds in diverse music and southwest culture are shape their multilayered original songs. As you listen to this music in the intimate indoor theater surrounded by red mountains, don’t be surprised to envision extended landscapes of sound, bare mesas that ring with electronic echoes of acoustic instruments…twisting and turning as the wind shifts.