Stucki Springs Trail

Stucki Springs Trail lies inside the Bearclaw Poppy preserve southwest of St. George near the Green Valley Spa.  The trail itself is about 10 miles long. While it lies in barren desert, it’s a very popular and well-traveled trail. The trail is intermediate technical but suitable for experienced conditioned beginners — as long as you don’t take the “Classic Stucki” plunge from the Race CourseThere are many different riding options. You’ll need to ride other trails to reach Stucki, so the typical ride will be 13+ miles. Take more if you want to by adding other connecting trails.


Today was a beautiful 70+ degrees, as we set out on our adventure.  The trail starts out at the dirt parking lot near Green Valley Spa and you can either ride the fire road or pick a trail to start heading up. You ride up to the water tank where you go through a small gate and enter “The Three Fingers of Death.”  Don’t let the name fool you… there are massive rollers and drops, but if you want to take the easy way down it’s there for you.  At the bottom you head through a wash with berms and wall hits along the way. You are still heading a bit uphill as you head out to Stucki Springs, so don’t get discouraged when the false flat makes you feel like you are slowing to a crawl.  You head out and loop around in what feels like the middle of nowhere, but the desert scenery doesn’t disappoint and neither does the soft-pack single track.   You then ride through some of the fastest baja style trail/wash around.  We played a pretty fun game of cat and mouse as we chased  through the wash.
After playing around on what are called the “Acid Drops” ( A series of monster drops) you can head back down the same wash with some speed this time and then make a small grind back to the top of the 3 Fingers of Death. 

Acid Drops

Rider checking out the ‘Acid Drops’

Overall this trail has a great feel to it. Most any rider would be comfortable, and you can really pick and choose your routes. Nothing too technical, but there is enough excitement to make it a ride to remember.   Watch your surroundings for tarantulas and other wildlife and enjoy the ride!