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There are two sides to every story. Two voices in each debate. And in the veiled stillness of the early morning they like to play tricks.

Darkness stiffens muscles, softens effort and smothers ambition. The voice of uncertainty says stay in the dark. Sleep on my friend, you’ve earned it. But that is the voice you run from.


It’s a symbol of stepping up. A badge of honor, in a society of success, with a lineage dating back to 490 BC.

Step by step you earn the badge.

The days of too early, too cold and too dark are over. You’ve come to know the only way out is to step toward the light.

Step once. Step again. And keep on stepping.

Yet somehow the darkness lingers on.

You can feel it can’t you. Even in the light of day it’s licking at your heels, breathing down your neck.

Don’t look back. For the brightness lies ahead and the only way to escape is to focus on the light.

How many steps does it take –  to feel the brightness. How many steps in a mile?  How many miles in a day? How many days in a life?

Hard to say.

One thing is certain – with each step, each mile, each day – comes the decision to go another.

The challenge started here in 77’.

One-by-one they came to a rugged land boldly daring to be conquered. One-by-one they took the dare. Step-by-step it transformed them. The vision, the connection, the pulsating rhythm rang true.

Now it’s your turn. Step-by-step you’ll feel it too. You see the horizon. You sense the victory. If you’re lucky you’ll find friends along the way. Friends who push you, pace you, and patiently wait. Be grateful – cuz you’ll need them.

This is about commitment, perseverance, and passion.

How many steps will you take today? How many hills will you climb? How many times will the bell toll before you break free?

It’s not just about the challenge itself, it’s the challenge OF SELF.

Those who step up, step into a crusade. They challenge the darkness with the armor of light.

So go ahead, lace up your shoes, join the battalion.

Step – no, run. Run away from the hold of obscurity and step forward into the light.

St. George Marathon – Step into the brighter side.