A Series of Secrets of Snow Canyon

Most people come to the St. George area because of Zion National Park—it’s no big secret. But once here, a lot of those same people explore some of the lesser known sites, like Snow Canyon. While Snow Canyon is no secret, it does hold its own secrets. There are many things about Snow Canyon that most people don’t know.  All of these lesser known tidbits will be geared towards enhancing your visitation to Snow Canyon.

Part 1: Snowy Snow Canyon?

Snow Canyon was named after Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, early settlers in Utah. It did not gain its name for the metrological occurrence of frozen precipitation. In fact, Snow Canyon rarely gets any snow. And when it does snow, it only lasts for a few hours usually.

Pool of water in Snow Canyon

Because it happens so rarely the odds of successfully planning a trip around seeing snow in Snow Canyon are crazy low. The best bet you can have is to plan a trip on relatively short notice and to pick a time when chances of precipitation are high and temperatures are low. Kind of obvious and ridiculous but not impossible.

Snow Canyon Stripes and Snow

While it may be difficult to plan a trip around these parameters there is a reason it is being brought up in our series of secrets for Snow Canyon. If you love photography and want to have something unique of Snow Canyon, visiting while there’s snow is a worthy ambition to achieve. The results speak for themselves.

Red Rock and snow

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