Perfect Temperatures for Outdoor Adventures

The leaves are changing crimson and gold and the comfort of a t-shirt is not what it use to be. For some it’s a thing to rejoice and embrace, but for others it’s a bad omen of things to come. If you fall in the latter group then this is for you especially: the ones who don’t find snow charming and think shivering in boots is for fools.

While most places become harder to enjoy as summer wanes, there is still a place that retains the warmth of the sun and quite possibly is even better now than it was in July and August. A place where the wine flows like honey and the women flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called Aspen…wait, no Aspen is cold! This mystical place of perpetual warmth is St. George!

Leave the parka at home and don’t bother with the 0 degree sleeping bag—you won’t need it! You can literally camp here in November and not see frost. We’re not promising you an improved tan by any means, but what we do promise is far more valuable.

The promise you get from St. George and its surrounding area through October and November is what we like to call The Sweet Spot. If you recall a certain golden-locked young lady and her three bear associates there is a “just right” level for things. But we’re not talking bed firmness or porridge temperatures; we’re talking weather.

So here’s The Sweet Spot for ya, by the numbers: Oct. 78 – 50 degrees, Nov. 63 – 38. So grab your climbing gear, load up your backpack, and make a plan because there are five more prime weeks of weather to be taken advantage of down here in southern Utah.

It’s time you explored that slot canyon on your wish list. It’s time you lost yourself in the red rocks. It’s time for St. George!