Getting Outside with St. George

There is a wide range of emotions people attribute to the infamous Black Friday. For those that love to find a great deal, it’s a party. For others, it’s just a necessary evil to get everything they need for the holiday season at an acceptable price point. And then there’s those that dislike everything about it: the crowds, the long lines, the impatience of other shoppers and the sheer magnitude of time spent shopping. I fall into the latter group.

What began for me as an annoying marathon of shopping has turned into a holiday-spoiling abomination, taking over the special day of Thanksgiving and turning it as superficial as possible. So you can imagine what a ray of sunshine through those dark clouds the #optoutside campaign was to me.

As part of the tourism office in the St. George area, I’m not out to endorse a single brand or company, but when respect is earned, it’s then given. REI has earned my respect and has earned a shoutout for their game-changing idea of opting out of Black Friday and instead enjoying the outdoors.

In the words of the brilliant Jack Black, “You’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore!” St. George is, by that definition, hardcore. With hundreds of miles of mountain biking and hiking trails, slot canyons, rock climbing and bouldering, sand dunes, reservoirs, a national park and several world-class state parks, we are indeed hardcore. If you were going to opt outside here would be a great place to do it.

It’s no question whether I’d be happier sending a 5.10 at Black Rocks or chasing a new PR on my old Raleigh than waiting in line with 5,000 other people to get into Walmart and score a new TV for half off (although a bigger TV might improve my Mario Kart skills).

So come Thanksgiving Day, I’m going to do the smart thing and enjoy a smoked turkey and an extra helping of green bean casserole before having it out with my siblings over a Settlers of Catan board. The only lines I’ll be seeing on Friday are the ones Mother Nature carved in the earth as I take my father through the Subway and get some unforgettable pictures.

Where will you be? What will you be doing? Will it be making memories and reminiscing over old ones with friends and family? Will you see an unforgettable sunset from Angels Landing? Let’s opt outside together and have an unforgettable Thanksgiving weekend. Tag your adventure with #optoutside and #stgeorgeisoptingout.

Mike_bioWritten by: Mike Carr – Online Marketing
Mike is all things digital for the Tourism Office’s marketing. So if you have a question about the website look to him. When you don’t find him at his computer you’ll most likely find him on his bike or hiking up a trail in Zion.