The Longest ‘One Day Race’ In the World

25 Hours? On a mountain bike? Are you nuts!?

Nope! – It’s really a thing… and it’s really awesome!  The unique, one-day race gains its additional hour because it occurs each year as daylight saving time ends. The clock will “fall back” in the early morning hours on Sunday, giving bikers an extra, grueling hour of riding.

Cyclists run to their bikes at the start of the race in a standing tradition.

Cyclists run to their bikes at the start of the race in a standing tradition.

St. George, Utah, is just days away from welcoming hundreds of mountain bikers from across the world for 25 hours of intense competition in what’s known as the longest one-day race.

The 25 Hours in Frog Hollow, taking place November 1-2, is a premier team relay and solo rider mountain bike event that takes place in the ultra-scenic and ultra-rugged desert environment in the shadows of renowned Zion National Park.

“The course is spectacular,” said Cimarron Chacon, race director and president of GRO Promotions. “The iconic scenery and challenging trails keep cyclists challenged and entertained.”

The open-desert course takes competitors on a 12.8-mile loop that consists of 5.7 miles of single track and 7.1 miles of double track and ranges in elevation from 3,570 to 4,300 feet. Specifically designed for day and night endurance racing, the course crisscrosses technical areas of dry washes and rock slabs.

Now in its sixth year, 25 Hours in Frog Hollow has developed a large domestic and international following because it combines the area’s acclaimed red rock vistas with a festival-like atmosphere.

“The race is intense and full of adrenaline—which only adds to the overall fun and excitement,” Chacon said. “The energy and liveliness is contagious and spreads among racers and their families.”

This year’s packed field includes approximately 400 competitors with more than 100 of them coming from outside the United States. In all, participants represent a total of 17 countries.

“It’s been incredible to witness the success of 25 Hours in Frog Hollow,” said Kevin Lewis, director of sports marketing for the St. George Area Tourism Office. “The race has put us on the map as a mountain biking destination and built a foundation for future events.”

As the race’s popularity grows, so does its mission to improve cycling opportunities for the residents and visitors to Southern Utah. A portion of each entry fee goes back to the community to help plan, construct and maintain cycling trails throughout the area.

The race starts Saturday, November 1, at 10 a.m. and ends the following day at 10 a.m. The staging area is nicknamed “Frog Town” and is the hub for live music, food and activities. Since the event happens around Halloween each year, the competitors, support teams and volunteers frequently coordinate group costumes and even a few tricks.


“The goal is for racers and their families to have a blast,” said Chacon. “It’s hard not to enjoy yourself when surrounded by the stunning red rock backdrop and friendly competition.”

About 25 Hours in Frog Hollow:
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