Our First Instameet! Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark

It’s a new year and a whole load of new experiences are just waiting to be had. This is the perfect time for me to announce that the St. George Tourism Office will be hosting a series of Instameets in some amazing locations around Southern Utah!

Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark

For our first photography outing together, I wanted to pick a beautiful spot that most people, even locals, won’t have experienced. For that reason—and several more that I will outline—I have chosen Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark.

Joshua Trees

A Unique Location

Not only is this one of only four Natural Landmarks in Utah, but Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark is more significantly the northernmost location you can find the unique Joshua tree. Every year, millions of people flock to Zion National Park, completely blind to some of the most amazing outdoor adventures, like Joshua Tree Landmark, that also make up this area. It’s time to take the path less traveled and capture some print-worthy images of these amazingly interesting trees.

St George Desert

A Rewarding Challenge

These Joshua trees and their surrounding landscape are beautiful and intriguing but not to the extent that you can just turn in any direction and snap a perfect shot. This location will challenge you to find the right composition and lighting to really make your shots sing. It’s the perfect situation to allow you to grow as a photographer.

Joshua Trees

All levels of skill are welcome to come. Even if you just use your iPhone, you can join us and have a great time. No matter how good you get at photography, there is always more to learn. I’m looking forward to seeing all the different ways people will capture the same area.


If you decide to come, please plan to join us at the Pizza Factory afterwards and bring a laptop to participate in editing and sharing your secrets with us! As an added incentive to stick around, I’ll be buying pizza for everyone that came out with us.

When: February 11, 3:30 – 8:00 pm

Where: Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark. Meet at the Dixie Center and we will carpool/drive out there together.

Hashtags we will use: #stgeorge_instameet #meet_joshua

Find us on Instagram at: instagram.com/atozion/ or @atozion

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