How To Plan Your Next National Park Getaway

How To Plan Your Next National Park Getaway


National Park Vacation Planning is never easy, but you shouldn’t have to dread it either.  Make planning your getaway as much fun as the vacation itself! …ok, not really, but you get the point- part of the vacation experience is in the planning.  This is where you educate yourself on the history, culture, and location of your getaway. This is all especially important in planning a trip to a National Park. Often people find themselves having to “wing-it” once they arrive at their vacation spot.  This might be they way you like it, and that is fine, but for those who want to plan ahead, this post is for you.

“Asking Google for the best restaurant is far less experiential than asking a local for help.”

A National Park Getaway should be a high priority on anyones list. With all the scenic beauty, exhilarating adventure, and unique culture, National Parks are a great way to see the world!

What Will You Need?

That depends. First decide what National Parks you plan to visit. The way we see this most often done is by geographic location. The state of Utah recently launched a campaign to promote The Mighty 5.

A tour of Utah’s 5 National Parks – Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, & Arches.  This makes for a great trip as you plan a designated route and make a stop in each park over a week or less.
If this were the trip you wanted to take it would obviously be very outdoor adventure oriented. In this case we would recommend bringing, hiking gear, bikes, camping equipment (unless you like to live on the softer side), hats, proper shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, coolers, shade, camera, etc…

Also plan on getting acquainted with Google Maps. Better yet  bring a physical paper map as some of these locations can be very remote and you may not have mobile or gps service.
Another great item to bring is a Vacation Planner or Visitor Guide from the tourism office of the area you are visiting. I like to refer to these as an all encompassing “Things To Do & How To Do It” booklet. Bringing a physical copy with you on the trip will prove beneficial time and time again.

Feel free to request our free vacation planner for Zion National Park!

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

You might be asking; “When is the best time to go?”  We recommend the shoulder seasons for optimum conditions when visiting Zion National Park or other Mighty 5 Parks. September through the end of October, cooler temperatures and diminishing winds prevail. Following the winter, from March through May, temperatures are mild and the parks are typically green and beautiful.

There are more than 400 National Parks to choose from so if you need a little help picking one, visit

Getting A Park Pass.National Park Pass

If you’re planning on visiting several parks over the next year, you may want to consider purchasing a park pass. The National Park Service offers the “America the Beautiful” annual pass for $80;  it includes admission to any national park or monument. The pass grants admission for the passholder and his or her vehicle or for the passholder and up to three other adults.
Seniors age 62 and up pay only $10 for a lifetime pass, while permanently disabled travelers can get their lifetime pass for free.

Now that you have all the info you need to plan a successful National Park Getaway – let us know when you plan on coming, which park, what you want to see, and we will see if we can provide the best getaway you have ever experienced!

Are we forgetting anything? Do you have a tip that you want to share with others? Share in the comments below!

There’s an adventure out there for everyone—plan yours soon!

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