Yankee Doodle is a Great Place to Start Canyoneering

It’s a well known spot to locals, but the out-of-town crowd will find this slot canyon to be a real hidden gem. One of the best features of the Zion and St. George area is the slot canyons that exist here. Those canyons have spawned a relatively new sport known as canyoneering. It’s one of the most popular features of Zion National Park and each of those canyons requires a permit obtained in advance of your trip. There are other canyons to explore outside the park, though, and they don’t require permits. Yankee Doodle is a great option if you find yourself without a permit.

I believe in trying new things and pushing your boundaries a little. That being said, I also believe in being safe and not taking stupid risks. Keep in mind that canyoneering is a definite skill-based activity that requires the ability to rappel, smear down narrow gaps and scramble under boulders. If you’ve never been canyoneering, I highly recommend talking with one of the guide companies in the area and experiencing it that way the first few times. You may also want to go with a friend that knows what they are doing. Play it smart, and play it safe.

Canyoneering Rappel


Yankee Doodle offers a more introductory level experience to canyoneering. It consists of just a couple of rappels—one significant at the beginning and then a couple short ones depending on if you prefer to down climb and smear or rappel.

Down climbing a slot canyon


It may depend on the time of year and recent weather but there will most likely also be a few pools of water to traverse. The depth of water can vary from a few inches to over your head. None of the pools were large enough to necessitate a wetsuit in August, but if you are going to try it in the early spring or late fall, you may want to suit up to stay warm. Even when it’s 110 degrees out, the water in these slot canyons feels freezing.



In addition to the relatively easy skill level needed for this canyon, you also only need one vehicle because the exit is right by the parking area. Great camping is also available all along the road leading to the canyon.

The slight presence of danger and difficulty is what really makes this canyon so fun. Having your breath taken away as you jump into the freezing water and gliding down the rope on a 90+ foot rappel make you feel like you’ve entered a completely new world. On your next trip to Zion country, remember to add a canyon or two to your itinerary!


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