Government Shutdown – Zion National Park

Yes it is true… the National Park is shutdown for the time being.  The wonderful thing about Zion National Park though is unlike other National Parks where a government shutdown will effectively eliminate the ability to participate in the National Park experience, the Town of Springdale and Zion Canyon will remain open and ready to accommodate visitors. Those with plans to visit Zion Canyon should still come to Springdale and experience the Town’s unique charm and natural beauty.

Zion Hampton Inn

Zion Hampton Inn in Springdale City

Further, there are opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreation outside of  Zion National Park for visitors to enjoy. Eagle Crags and the Guacamole Trail offer incredible views of Zion’s towering mesas. Gooseberry Mesa and the Hurricane Rim / Jem Trail are world renowned  mountain biking and hiking trails with incredible scenery. Canaan Mountain is an unspoiled wilderness  area offering solitude in a pristine red sandstone setting. Kolob Reservoir is a lovely alpine lake  surrounded by cottonwood trees, many of which are now turning golden with fall color. All these areas  are minutes away from Springdale and will remain open and accessible to visitors. The Town encourages  visitors to explore some of these lesser known areas and discover their unparalleled and unspoiled  beauty. The Town has a number of guiding and outfitting companies that can offer more detailed suggestions on alternative’s to hiking in Zion National Park.