A Swimming Hole That Will Blow Your Mind

When you have an amazing swimming hole just a 45-minute drive away, you have no reason not to check out it out!


Toquerville Falls is a fairly well known spot—at least to the local crowd out here in St. George—and for good reason. It’s a set of gorgeous waterfalls that cascade through the desert and have carved out an impressive little swimming hole.


I’m usually of the mindset that the coolest outdoor destinations require a little work to get to them; it makes for a more satisfying pay off at the end. This adventure’s extra work comes in the form of a rough dirt road, and that’s putting it kindly. Though I’ve had people tell me about how they once made it a minivan, I can say with conviction that that is a terrible idea. Most of the people I saw on my trip were accessing it by 4-wheelers and Razors. A high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle will do just fine though.


My only mistake in visiting these falls last week was my timing! I was so anxious to see this natural beauty for myself that the water temperatures weren’t too hospitable for swimming just yet, but it still made for an enjoyable picnic and photographical opportunity—both of which I love.


It may be tough to access and the weather goes a long ways to making it a fun spot, but Toquerville Falls is an incredible place full of beauty and adventure. When you plan a trip to the St. George area, whether it’s for Zion or golf or a number of other reasons, this is a special detour to add to that list. Come to Toquerville Falls and make a splash—you’ll love it! For a guide to get there visit this page: hikestgeorge.com


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