Let’s Talk St. George Cycling

No, that’s not a map of your cell coverage, and thank goodness, right? It is, however, a map of cycling routes mapped by a mobile app called Strava.

It’s fun to see the popularity of cycling in certain areas of our country. That red dot is actually the St. George area. Before you avid cyclists get too upset about how blank that area looks, remember that our area is quite small compared to other metropolitan areas around the country. We actually do have a very active cycling community, as illustrated by the close up of the St. George area shown below.

Tracking Routes and Progress

Because we know how passionate the cyclists in this area are, we want to do as much as we can to improve the experience of biking in the St. George area. So whether you’re a tourist here to visit Zion National Park or a 15 year veteran resident, we want to show you the best road biking experience St. George has to offer.

If you haven’t used an app like Strava before, then you’re really missing out! Apps like these can track your route, speed and elevation gain among other things. What used to be considered simple exercise has changed thanks to the ability to keep track of your cycling stats. Strava has taken the average rider and given them the opportunity to be an amateur racer. And who is the competition? Well, that would be all the of the other cyclists here in St. George.

Sections of road are tracked for the best times and quickly become a motivating factor for some. After all, who doesn’t want to be crowned “King” of a popular section of road? Or any section for that matter. This format of cycling has taken the daily commute to work and transformed it into a challenge to beat your best friend’s record.

A Friendly Competition

Competition may not be the motivating factor for you though, and that’s okay. A quick look around is more than enough justification for why someone would want to tour this area from the saddle. The scenery is not just beautiful, but it’s also challenging, full of climbs and thrilling descents. If you have yet to experience the area for yourself, here’s an appetizer to whet your pallet: Snow Canyon State Park ranks 1st on many local’s list of top segments to ride, and even IRONMAN Pros are big fans!

What About You?

What fuels you on your rides? Is it the competitive spirit? Is it the thrill of the ride? Are you training for a triathlon, maybe even the IRONMAN? Or is it just the chance to be a little healthier? Let us know in the comment section, and feel free to upload an image of you and your ride!