Hidden Gem Turtle Wall

Many times, the build up to an adventure is half the fun—but not always. Sometimes I just want to walk out my front door and have the adventure waiting for me like a loyal dog. Not a lot of fuss, planning or travel time. Just a simple, straight forward chance to explore and meditate on your day. For those reasons, Turtle Wall is a gem of a hike.

Hidden Gem: Babylon Arch

There’s something about unusually rock formations that unlocks my childlike wonder, so living in St. George, Utah, is like having a giant playground at my fingertips!

Hidden Gem: Elephant Arch

It’s getting to that time of year again in St. George—the time when you can’t leave for an easy four mile hike in the afternoon and not pay for it. But enough about my poor decision making skills. This week’s installment of our Hidden Gems is a hike hidden in plain site of St. George called Elephant Arch.

Hidden Gem: Red Mountain Trail

I’ve seen some amazing views in Southern Utah. The best view I’ve seen outside of Zion is, hands down, the one you get from the Snow Canyon Overlook on the Red Mountain Trail. Here, two small canyons converge into one making a perfect capital Y.

Hidden Gem: The Bowl

Zion National Park is awesome—we all know that. But Zion has gotten pretty busy, and there are some pretty spectacular things to see and do with less crowds in the southern Utah area. I’ve created this series of gems outside of Zion. On this second installment, we’re taking a look at a great hike I did a couple weeks ago called The Bowl.

Snow Canyon Secrets Part 2

Utah is known for its sandstone arches. I recently visited one of the lesser known arches in Snow Canyon. When you get to it, you’ll notice that the arch’s proximity to the cliff wall gives it a unique look compared to its freestanding counterparts.