Southern Utah Tourism Summit

An annual tourism summit in Southern Utah gives us the opportunity to collaborate and build bridges of connectivity within our region and with the Utah Office of Tourism and Utah Tourism Industry Association. We want to assist in informing our private sector of state tourism efforts as well as create a dedicated place for conversation, camaraderie and driven comprehension on behalf of Southern Utah’s tourism industry.

We are propelled to offer and promote a space for collective engagement, learning and joining forces.

This will allow us to gain broader perspectives and spark best-case scenarios for our visitors’ experiences, our economy, our resources and our way of life in Southern Utah. Our intended efforts contribute toward elevating and supporting regional connectivity and practices.

By refining our vision, increasing efficiency with our communication channels and following through with improved implementations, we can offer a significant addition to the overall bigger tourism picture for Utah.

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The 2019 Bible of Bike Tests is Here

Travis Engel /

The trails around St. George, Hurricane and Virgin, Utah, are surely unique. The aesthetic that emerged is unlike anything we’ve ever ridden. The valley trails feel barren and endless, but roll smooth and fast. The cliffs that birthed the Red Bull Rampage inspire either fear or confidence, depending on which line you’re eyeing. The mesa trails rapidly alternate between tech and flow, up and down, punishment and reward, each working in endless synergy with the other. It also just happens to be the perfect place to expose bikes’ weaknesses and strengths.

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Where to Ride: Turn the True Grit Epic 50 into an epic Utah MTB road trip

Tyler Benedict /

If you’re looking for the best mountain bike race to do, it’d be hard to beat the True Grit Epic. When you think of an epic mountain bike ride, or an MTB road trip with your buddies, the trails in St. George and Santa Clara, UT, are probably what you’re dreaming of. Endless miles of singletrack, slickrock and swooping trails. Wide open vistas. Technical, rocky terrain.

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Services to resume at Utah’s national parks despite government shutdown

Cara MacDonald /

Rep. Rob Bishop delivered a letter earlier this week to the acting Secretary of the Interior requesting they take “emergency measures to resume operations” at National Parks in Utah.

Acting Secretary David Bernhardt approved the request Sunday morning, stating that services will resume to national parks within a few days.

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St. George pledges money to keep Zion open during persistent shutdown

Joseph Witham / St. George News

As a partial shutdown of the federal government continues well into its second week, local officials are working to keep Zion National Park open for at least another week.

As many federally managed parks have been forced to close their boundaries to all visitors, Zion has remained partially operational thanks to funding from the state of Utah and the Zion Forever Project. However, that funding runs out Saturday.

Assuming the shutdown continues past Saturday, St. George Mayor Jon Pike announced Thursday that plans are in place to keep the park partially operational for an additional week — until Jan. 12.

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Washington County Tourism Impacts

Kevin Lewis / Community Education Channel

It’s one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Washington County, Utah is not only seeing a high growth rate, but is also experiencing worldwide tourism. Washington County Tourism Director Kevin Lewis explains why and how these visitors are helping locals pay the bills.

Energized. Inspired. Rewarded.

Kevin Lewis / Southern Utah Business Magazine

If you had suggested to early explorers that one day tourism would be one of the largest private sector employment groups in this area, they would have laughed you off the expedition trail. In the mid-1800s, Parley P. Pratt called this area a “poor and worthless” place. He described it as “a country in ruins turned inside out and upside down by terrible convulsions in some former age.” Today, people from all over the world are flocking to experience this “country in ruins,” and with them come millions of dollars in economic prosperity.

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