Daddy Long Legs

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Start: 7:00 pm
Length: 2 hrs 30 mins

Daddy Long Legs follows Jerusha Abbott, the oldest orphan in the John Grier Home, who mysteriously receives a generous grant from an anonymous benefactor, sending her to college to become a writer. Required to write him a letter once a month, she is never to know the benefactor's identity - so she invents one for him: Daddy Long Legs. Although she knows that he will never respond to her letters, she grows more and more fond of this elusive and kindly "old" gentleman. But...another relationship soon begins to develop in Jerusha's life with well-to-do Jervis Pendleton, who introduces her to a world of literature, travel and adventure. Through her correspondence with Daddy Long Legs and her growing intimacy with Jervis, Jerusha's letters chronicle her emergence as a delightfully independent woman. Yet, there is one startling fact that Jerusha has yet to uncover - a fact that will change her life forever.Saturday Matinees at 2:00pm

Admission: $17-$23

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Event Location:
Brigham's Playhouse - 25 N. 300 W. #C1 - Washington

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Presented by: Brigham's Playhouse