Washington County Works! Trailhead Exhibit

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Start: 12:00 pm
Length: unknown

Join our year-long celebration of the way Washington County Works! This "trailhead" exhibit gives a taste of the wonderful stories on display all over the county. Come learn where you can go to find out more! Hours: Thursday-Monday from 10am-5pm, free with general museum admission. ... This exhibit is part of Washington County Works!, a county-wide celebration of work that accompanies the Smithsonian The Way We Worked exhibition, stopping in Leeds from September 16 to November 4, 2017 at the Silver Reef Museum. For more information about Washington County Works! visit ArtsToZion.org. The Way We Worked, an exhibition created by the National Archives, is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and Utah Humanities, is touring in partnership with the Silver Reef Museum and Arts to Zion.

Admission: Free with general museum admission

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Event Location:
Silver Reef Museum - 1903 Wells Fargo Rd. - Leeds

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Presented by: Silver Reef Museum