Fall Wildflowers

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Start: 9:00 am
Length: 7 hrs

We often assume spring is the only time to observe native wildflowers in abundance, but a number of plant species have adapted to flowering after the summer monsoons, and so early fall can be a rewarding time for plant watching as well. Join us on an expedition in one of several possible locations within Zion National Park to observe many of the park’s outstanding late-bloomers. Learn how fall-flowering plants have to complete their life cycle before cold weather sets in and how some species have forsaken wind pollination in order to get insects to do their bidding. This outing will involve some hiking and the weather may be hot and sunny, so appropriate preparations are necessary. Limited to 10 participants.

Admission: $60

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Event Location:
Zion Human History Museum - Springdale

Presented by: Zion Park