Disney’s When You Wish Is A Great Accomplishment

When You Wish is not just for the kids but more for the kid in us all. It’s a beautiful blending of nostalgia and the stage. Tuacahn has harnessed the natural beauty of southern Utah to create possibly the greatest stage anywhere. And thanks to the talent, setting, source material and the quality of the production, you will have an absolutely amazing time.

The Talent
One of the challenges facing When You Wish is that the audience is very familiar with the musical numbers. This creates some high standards in the minds of the viewers. However, the performers definitely rise to the challenge and do the iconic songs justice.

The Setting
The setting of Tuacahn is the ultimate “you had to be there”. It could be described to you in the most eloquent way but you still wouldn’t really understand until you go for yourself. Towering red rock cliffs surround the natural amphitheater and make the sky look even bluer from the contrast. It really is so beautiful that you may find yourself feeling like it distracts from the play you came to see.

The Source Material
Disney has been doing great work for decades. It’s hard to imagine that there is anyone out there who isn’t familiar with at least some of Disney’s work, and that is thanks to their ability to combine creative, beautiful music with heartfelt storytelling. When You Wish has found a clever way to blend a broad mix of their top musical numbers and stories from a wide variety of Disney classics. It combines pieces of songs and movies most of us already know and love in a fresh, new way.

The Production
We’ve already mentioned the amazing music, but it’s not just the music that makes the production worth praising. The imaginative set pieces will blow you away, and the costumes will transform the actors before your eyes. It incorporates actual horses, flooding of the stage, transporting you under the sea and much more. No corners were cut here, and it shows in the quality of the entire production.

What People Are Saying:
“When You Wish made the atmosphere of Tuacahn even more magical than it already is. It’s the perfect family show to see at this gorgeous venue this season.” -Miranda Carr

“I took my grandkids – ages 9, 5 and 3 – to see Tuacahn’s When You Wish.  My lofty goal was to make it to intermission! They were on their feet dancing, singing and anticipating the next performance the entire show! One of the grandkids said ‘Grandma,I knew it was going to be Hercules’. . . ‘Do you think Belle is going to sing?’ We all enjoyed the show – clear to the last number!!” -Roxie Sherwin

When You Wish is not your average evening of entertainment. Tuacahn has delivered the goods with this play, and it may very well be the most fun you’ll have all summer long. It won’t be around forever though. The play runs until October 15th, so make plans to enjoy this gem soon!