2015 Zion Bucket List

You are someone full of adventure. A free spirit willing to take on the most epic hikes, crazy adventures, and wildest bucket list ideas. Right?
You are planning to visit and have a 2015 Zion Bucket List…right?  Listed below are some of the epic things we would like to see you do this year.

BUT FIRST! Here are some observations we made (from your social media accounts) in 2014!


Angels Landing– You hiked it. Then you hiked it again. We saw amazing selfies, scary places to hangout, and you wiggled your way up Walter’s Wiggles.

The Narrows– You mastered it. Consider yourself Narrows royalty with your hiking scepter.

The Subway– You know….that Subway picture you took this year?  The one on the bend, with greenish blue waters creating beautiful pools?

Weeping Rock/Emerald Pools– Let us guess? You opened your mouth and caught some of the thousand year old water too? Did you also see a cute little animal? Glad you didn’t feed it!

Watchman– That bridge is going to need some reinforcement from all of you standing on it!

Let us suggest a new viewpoint for 2015!

Enter ‘Observation Point.’

Observation Point and Angels Landing

Spend a few hours hiking up a steep mountainside to one of the best viewpoints offered in Zion National Park. Complete with sheer drop offs and eye popping scenery looking down into Zion Canyon. A maintained path zigzags its way up the steep mountainside beside familiar reddish Navajo sandstone before venturing through Echo Canyon, a deep gorge filled with water gnawed sandstone pockets. Near the top of the trek you will see white rock; this layer is known as the Temple Cap formation.  At the trails end, looking down into the canyon is a spectacular display of stone sculptures contrasted by the bluest of skies. At the end, the West Rim Trail can be seen to the right as well as lofty Angels Landing.
Whats that? You can see ABOVE Angels Landing!? You got that right…
Just like that, Observation Point becomes the epic hike you yearned for.

Need any more convincing?

If your goal is to get away from people,Observation Point sees only a fraction of visitors of Angels Landing.You actually look down on Angels Landing across the canyon.If you continue further up the west rim trail past Scouts Lookout, you will get away from the masses that flock there to start the final push to the top of the Landing.

Have you been to. seen, or heard any of these?

Did you know about these?

900+ species of Flora
288 Bird species
68 mammal species

We would love to show you all the pictures, give you detailed explanations, and show you how to best see them, but that would eliminate all the fun of discovery!

These places and things all exist in Zion National Park, and we want you to discover them! Join us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ and share your discoveries with the hashtags

#ThereIsAPlace #VisitZionCanyon

Zion National Park is 229 square miles. Lets see more of it in 2015!!
Good luck and go make the experience of a lifetime!