Captivating Exuberance- Mary Manning Gallery Show

Monday, May 08, 2017

Start: 10:00 am
Length: 6 hrs 30 mins

Mary Manning's art captures light, color and the energy of creating in everything from landscapes to animals in motion."When I paint, an energy arises from deep within the subconscious, and the act of painting becomes an act of love and renews my exuberance for life," Mary says.In childhood and into early adulthood, Mary painted realistic portraits and realistic paintings, until she followed Picasso's arc from detailed realism to the abstracts he is known for best. Georgia O'Keefe also captivated Mary's attention because the West has called out to her in a way that feeds her passion for interpreting deserts and mountains and streams others find lifeless. Red rocks, Lake Tahoe and everything in between are her subjects.Chinese and Japanese art absorbed Mary while she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she began incorporating gold, silver and copper leaf in Oriental painting designs to interpret the West. She studied these techniques for more than 40 years, producing her latest body of work."When people fall in love with the way light shifts in my paintings and see magic in the landscapes, I feel happy, satisfied and full of energy to continue on this creative journey, creating exuberance, captivating exuberance in two dimensions."

Admission: Free

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Event Location:
307 North Main Street - St. George

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Presented by: The DiFiore Center