Rim to Floor or Rim and Back

Friday, May 05, 2017

Start: 8:00 am
Length: 8 hrs 30 mins

Need to stretch your legs a bit? Join a ZCFI naturalist as we hike either the East Mesa Trail to Observation Point down to the canyon floor at Weeping Rock or the East Rim Trail to Deertrap Mountain and back. Our actual destination will be determined the morning of the hike depending on the vehicles that are at our disposal. Either hike affords fantastic views in all directions. This is one for seasoned hikers looking to expand their knowledge base while they enjoy a longer hike. Along the way we’ll talk geology, botany, some biology, and desert ecosystems. We’ll pass through several of Zion’s geologic layers, and enjoy incredible rim vistas. We’ll stop at a nice spot somewhere on the rim for our picnic lunch. Enjoy one of Zion’s premier hikes and learn a lot about the desert you love along the way. Limited to 8 participants. YOU MUST BE IN FIT HIKING SHAPE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS STRENUOUS, ALL-DAY, 7-8-MILE HIKE!

Admission: $65

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Event Location:
Zion Human History Museum - Springdale

Presented by: Zion Park

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